3 Most Popular Uses of Pet-Related Apps

  • Sam Delton
  • 24 Jan 2021
3 Most Popular Uses of Pet-Related Apps

A survey of pet owners in the US found that communication (35%), training (30%), and entertainment (25%) were the three primary uses for pet-related apps. A UK survey found that 36% of respondents used apps to find pet-friendly places to eat, 31% to find pet-friendly places to stay while on holiday, and 28% to find pet-friendly places to stay during the day.

In 2012, The Humane Society of the United States produced an advertisement that featured an app for "finding a pet" which was still in beta testing. The advertisement was rejected by NBC, as it was considered too "cynical" for a family audience.

In 2016, a survey of pet owners in the US found that the majority of pet owners (55%) have used technology to help them care for their pets.

3. MyPet Reminders


MyPet Reminders is a useful pet app that allows you to schedule reminders for your pets. You can set a reminder for your to go outside with your dog when it's time to take him out, or just remind yourself to feed your cat. Set a reminder to take your dog to the vet. MyPet Reminders is a great way to ensure that you forgot nothing.

2. Rover

Rover is a popular pet sitting and dog walking app that enables dog owners to book and pay for walkers from their smartphones. Many dog owners book a dog walker on Rover because they know that the money they are paying is going directly to the dog walker, who gets to use most if not all of it for their work. That means that you get the best walkers, who will give your dog the care they deserve. You get to see a photo of the walker, the walker's car, and the walker's experience hiring through Rover. You get to vote on a walker's quality of work, and you get to leave (or cancel) the walk any time you want, without any worries.

1. Petamiko

Petamiko is a specifically designed mobile app considering all the needs and requirements of pets. The application is unique in the sense that it has been designed by taking into account the needs of both dogs and cats. Petamiko app for android is regarded as the best application for pets and it is the best solution for pet lovers. 

The application is designed for keeping pets in good health. The app has been designed with the help of cutting edge research. 

Do You Use Apps for Pets, Don`T You?

Envision a world where pets are cherished, healthy, well-adjusted, and able to thrive. This article is dedicated to helping you and your pet with all aspects of your lives:  to enjoy your dog more, and to help your dog enjoy more. What kind of app do you use for your pet? Leave your comment below.