Amazon Kindle Family Grows Bigger

  • Sam Delton
  • 25 Sep 2021
Amazon Kindle Family Grows Bigger

Amazon Kindle line-up is getting three new gadgets. They will be better and brighter, as well as deliver a few more nifty features.

Three newcomers to the Kindle family are 

  • Kindle Paperwhite for $140. 
  • Signature edition for $190.
  • Kids Paperwhite for $160.

For starters, every new gadget will have a 6.8-inch screen. In addition to a bigger size, they’ll also offer warm light adjustment and dark mode. As for the brightness, it’ll be boosted by 10%, so watch out before setting it to the max.

The starter model gets a dazzling 10 weeks of battery life— this adds another month of functioning without extra feeding. What’s even better, a quick USB-C charging port has made it to the package as well. 

But the real show-stealer is the page-turning feature. With the new Kindle, you'll be able to turn them much faster, reducing the lagginess  — scrolling through a book will definitely be a breeze. 

Upgrading to the Paperwhite, will reward you with the 32 extra gigabytes of disk space — much better than the trifling 8 GB. Among all else, this version of Kindle also offers an auto-changing light sensor — quite handy if you enjoy your novels on a sunny day in the park.

Plus, on the menu, we have wireless charging and IPX8 attestation. This standard implies that the gadget is highly water-resistant. And in the case of Kindle it seems legit: it can handle up to 60 minutes of “scuba diving” with the depth limit of 2 meters (6.5 feet).

The software component hasn’t been left out, either. Now, we have a more intuitive interface. You can easily switch between your Home tab and library. The swipe-down menu quickly unfolds a feature palette: airplane mode, dark/bright screen, and other settings.  

With the new Kindle Paperwhite generation, we’ll get more features that take digital reading to its analog state. What’s your favorite knack about Kindle reading? Let us know in the comments!