An Unforgettable Journey Through the Best Games Like Best Fiends

  • Sam Delton
  • 07 Mar 2023
An Unforgettable Journey Through the Best Games Like Best Fiends

Do you like to play games like Best Fiends that challenge your problem-solving skills and captivate you with their colorful characters and vivid storyline? Then this article is for you. Here we've compiled some of the best Best Fiends-like games that will take you on a fantastic journey full of intense puzzles and exciting challenges.

Candy Crush Saga

If there's one game that can match Best Fiends in terms of graphics and gameplay, it's Candy Crush Saga. This game from King boasts an impressive library of levels where players must complete various tasks by collecting three or more candies in a row or column. The goal may vary from level to level, but no matter what they are, they all lead to a sweet victory! With stunning graphics, a captivating soundtrack, and simple controls, Candy Crush Saga is sure to keep gamers engaged for hours.


Homescapes is another popular match-3 puzzle game that lets players embark on an incredible adventure, redecorating room after room. Players must cleverly combine pieces to progress toward their goal: complete specific tasks on each level, such as collecting coins or removing obstacles to move faster to the next stage. Plus, there are plenty of unique power-ups and daily rewards to help make playing Homescapes more fun than ever before!

Homescapes game


Gardenscapes takes place in a beautiful garden, where players must work with Butler Austin to restore the garden to its former glory by solving numerous puzzles. Unlike other typical match-3 style puzzles, this game offers something unique: mini-games with hidden objects where players must find certain items in cluttered scenes before advancing further in story mode. In addition, the game includes helpful boosters such as shovels and rakes that give players an extra edge when tackling challenging levels quickly, making Gardenscapes one of the best casual games in the world!

Toy Blast

Toy Blast is a non-stop game with hundreds and hundreds of bubble puzzles scattered throughout five different worlds filled with colorful characters waiting to rescue you at every turn! Each level presents its rules, but they all boil down to getting rid of the dice using a limited number of moves, so you don't waste them when advancing to more complicated stages. In addition, the toy blast game has terrific special effects, such as fireworks after passing challenging levels, which improves the overall experience dozens of times over the classic games available today!

Pet Rescue Puzzle Story

Like many of the fantastic games featured here today, Pet Rescue Puzzle Story combines two genres (puzzle + animal rescue) to create an intensely immersive experience in which players can completely lose themselves, provided they are dedicated enough to unlock all the content presented in various stages spanning several different worlds, located in this fantastic game from King Digital Entertainment Ltd. Some missions even feature boss battles at specific points that add additional levels leading to ultimate success... if, of course, everything is done correctly.


It’s an action-packed puzzle game where players must match colors to clear the board before they run out of time. Players are challenged with increasingly tricky stages as they progress through the levels, making it an exciting and addictive experience. The graphics are vibrant and colorful, creating a fun atmosphere that any age group can enjoy. With over 250 levels, Zuma will provide hours of entertainment.

The game features a variety of levels and power-ups, including unique stones that can be used to clear large areas of the chain. The game also features bonuses such as extra lives, time, and points.

The game is set in an Aztec-themed environment, and the music is a mix of traditional Aztec-style and modern electronic music. The graphics are bright and colorful, featuring vibrant colors and smooth animation.

Players can choose to play the game in a single-player mode or a two-player mode. In two-player mode, each player starts with the same amount of balls, and the objective is to see who can clear the board first.

Zuma game

Jelly Splash

It’s an intense puzzle adventure that requires users to strategize their moves carefully to succeed at each level before running out of turns or time limits! Players must match jellies together to get points while racing against others who compete on leaderboards worldwide! Jelly Splash provides hours upon hours worth of entertainment with its bright cartoonish art style and smooth animations – everyone should give this one try at least once!

Jelly Splash features an array of colorful and vibrant levels, each with its unique objectives and goals. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock power-ups to help you complete levels faster and with higher scores. There are also plenty of challenges to take on and rewards to collect, making the game even more rewarding.

The game also features a social element, allowing you to connect with friends and challenge them to beat your scores. You can also post your scores to various social media platforms and compare your progress to others.

These seven games are perfect alternatives if you’re looking for something similar yet different from BestFiends; whether it's clever strategy building or just plain old bubble-popping fun – there's something here for anyone's taste preferences! So why not see what these titles have offered you?