Are We Ready for Blizzard's Mysterious Survival Game Odyssey?

  • Sam Delton
  • 11 Apr 2023
Are We Ready for Blizzard's Mysterious Survival Game Odyssey?

It has been nearly a year since Blizzard Entertainment gave us a first glimpse of their mysterious survival game project, and since then, the fans have been eagerly waiting for more news about it. Fortunately, recent reports from industry insiders have started to shed some light on the nature of the upcoming project, calling it Odyssey.  

According to the well-known insider Jez Corden, the game’s name is Odyssey, and it is supposedly almost ready for launch. While the official information is still missing, Corden mentioned in his podcast that he estimates its probability of being correct at around 90 percent. Moreover, the insider revealed some key details about the game’s visuals, comparing it to such titles as Everwild and Fable Legends. Even though its early stages already look ‘amazing,’ no one can rule out that Microsoft may want to make the game exclusive for Xbox consoles due to the impending finalization of the Activision acquisition. 

Still, an official confirmation or even a teaser has yet to be released by Blizzard, which makes the fans increasingly impatient and eager to learn more. In the meantime, industry insiders continue to give us some details - mere hints, nothing certain - while we wait for Blizzard to make a move finally. 

Moreover, some reports suggest that Odyssey might be something in between a triple-A game and an open-world MMORPG, something that the Blizzard team is particularly talented in. The only thing we can definitely rely on at this point is that the game is being developed with the same level of quality and detail that Blizzard is known for, and hopefully, it will be released soon to give us a chance to try it out. 

All in all, Odyssey seems to be something truly special, and the fans are already awaiting its release. While we are still in the dark about what it is going to be, industry insiders continue to give us some hints about the project’s nature. The only thing that remains clear is that once it gets released, it will certainly be a great success.