Convert YouTube Videos into MP3s

  • Sam Delton
  • 21 Oct 2021
Convert YouTube Videos into MP3s

If you are one of those people to whom music is one of the chief reasons for using YouTube, you’ve probably been wondering about possible ways to store the precious audios separately. Even though it’s possible to download an entire YouTube video, this might be not the solution you look for. Here, we’ll focus on how you can turn one into an MP3 musical file. 

Please note that this practice may be legal or illegal depending on whether the author of the video has given explicit consent. For instance, there’s nothing wrong with stripping your own content of its video part or converting a video that’s in the public domain. Just be wary of potentially copyrighted content so that you don’t get into trouble.

YouTube videos can be turned into MP3s either online or locally; which approach to choose is really up to you. Both websites and downloadable software can prove malicious if you decide to search beyond the recommendations here (see below) and are unlucky, so disabling your antivirus during such experiments is probably not the best idea. The key advantage of web-based tools is how hassle-free they can be. Most will ask you to feed them the video’s URL and choose a name for it when it’s been converted; you can then download the audio and enjoy your favorite music. Trusted examples include MP3FY and Motionbox's YouTube to MP3.

By contrast, 4K YouTube to MP3 is an application that you need to download and run on your device. It works on Mac as well as Windows computers and is free as long as you can tolerate some ads. Alternatively, you can try the YouTube to MP3 Converter by MediaHuman, an advanced tool with playlists and much more to explore.

Are you going to give any of the methods a try? Please share your experience or expectations in the comments section down below!