Google Chat Warns About Untrusted Links

  • Sam Delton
  • 25 May 2022
Google Chat Warns About Untrusted Links

The Google Chat service for Android mobile devices, following Gmail, began to warn users about potentially malicious software, such as some phishing materials. The message appears on top of the dialogue as a big red banner that you definitely won't miss. Thus, the company wants to protect its customers from unreliable contacts and damaged devices.

The warning comes as follows. When some new user with a personal account contacts you for the first time, you receive a notification that this invitation looks suspicious to the system. It also adds the information that the materials used in this dialog may be phishing and may steal your sensitive data. After that, you have the opportunity to completely block the conversation or accept it if you are sure these are not scammers.

Of course, it will not stop hackers and fraudsters from sending fake links and you from using them. However, such banners are intended to ensure that you double-check the information about senders and make sure you chat with exactly who you think you are. Similar functionality already exists in Google Drive and Gmail and has recently been added to Docs, Slides, and Sheets. It will take some time to roll out, so the update may not have reached your region yet.

Banners in Google Chat are also in the process of being rolled out. In the next two weeks, they will appear on all devices. They will be available in dialogs for users with personal accounts, as well as G Suite Basic and Business and Workspace customers. Administrators can disable this tool for their subject business profiles, but workers can not do it personally.

How do you like this system of alerting users about suspicious links? How accurately do you think algorithms will be able to detect phishing materials?