Google Introduces New Way to Receive Message

  • Sam Delton
  • 18 Apr 2022
Google Introduces New Way to Receive Message

Google’s own Little Signals allow users to receive ambient notifications. Instead of annoying sounds, you will be able to feel the breeze of the ocean. It may turn out less stressful for employees who are waiting for their bosses to send them messages.

Google has revealed its current results in the study of ambient computing. They tested different objects that may deliver notifications for users, including the gentle breeze, tap, or shadow shifting. The new experiment already has a name. It is called Little Signals and it was created to change the more stressful alarm sounds we hear.

The company tested 6 different objects, including Rhythm, Button, Air, Movement, Tap, and Shadow. In the official video they shared, the company revealed the possible design of these objects. Each of them comes with a detailed description.

Google is currently really busy with ambient computing ideas. For many years, Google’s developers were trying hard to receive positive results and come up with fresh devices that will ease users’ lives. For years they were adding microelements inside the devices. While the video does not reveal any specific dates and describes the objects as the thought starters, we can already see the picture.

Google offers you detailed instruction on how to code the electronics you have and let your fan provide you with the current forecast. Other objects can offer you similar additional services they originally don’t have. It looks like Google did well with its homework with 3D files for each of the objects. If you want to understand how everything works, you have to read the manual. You can download each file from the website of Little Signals.

Are you excited about the new smart objects in your house? Do you believe Google has something great to offer? You can share your thoughts in the comments below.