Instagram Is Busy Updating Main Feed

  • Sam Delton
  • 04 Apr 2022
Instagram Is Busy Updating Main Feed

The popular social network provides advanced updates to the Stories, Posts, and Reels. The updates were highly expected by users around the world. Instagram has fueled these expectations by announcing that the new features are being tested.

Instagram is planning to release the integrated home feed that can put an end to the Stories bar on top of the screen. The new design will be more immersive, swipeable UI, and full screen. According to the independent researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, the new feed represented by Instagram to its beta testers contains regular Stories, Feed posts, and Reels in one flow.

App researcher says that the Stories would be available in the frame bar in the lower part of the display. You will be able to swipe to the left if you want to check out the other frames. Videos will have the progress bar. Users have already welcomed the new screen. Many of them believe that the refreshed design is more intuitive and even more logical. It can easily align with trends from TikTok. The new algorithm will check out your response on every post you see to create the place you want to attend any time during the day.

Your preferences will be noted. If you change them, the algorithm will change posts that are revealed to you as well. The current feed does not provide as much of your favorite content as it could. Sometimes it shows several posts on the screen instead of one. The new change may help Instagram to beat TikTok. Before this update, TikTok used a similar algorithm to reveal clips to its users. Clips were displayed on the full screen and usually one at a time. You could watch the video several times by putting like. Instagram is doing its best to overcome TikTok.

Do you want to see the new feed? Which tool is your favorite on Instagram? Share your thoughts in the comments below.