Meta Develops New Solutions for Secure Targeting

  • Sam Delton
  • 16 Oct 2022
Meta Develops New Solutions for Secure Targeting

The Meta predicts ad revenue losses of up to $10 billion this year. The reason for this was Apple's ATT data privacy update. To resolve privacy issues and optimize ad targeting, Meta is developing new solutions.

The reason for the development in these areas was not only Apple's update but also Meta’s bad reputation in protecting user data, which led to the misuse of their information. To not exacerbate an already difficult situation, Meta needs to adapt to new rules in the industry and offer advertisers optimal targeting solutions.

One of the targeting tools is the Advantage Custom Audience. According to the company, this product is similar to Lookalike. It will help advertisers find an audience using artificial intelligence and show ads not only to interested users but also beyond the usual ranges of similarity. This tool can be an effective product for automating targeting, as the process involves minimal manual effort.

The company also plans to update ads in Click to Messenger. Advertisers can run their ads for those users who are more likely to make a purchase using WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, or Messenger. For greater reach, the developers will create a format that will send potential customers to the form or Messenger, analyzing the person’s preferences.

Meta is actively working on better data protection enforcement and is partnering with academics to understand the implications of changing privacy. The Private Lift Measurement product has also been improved.
Do you think Meta can improve its reputation for privacy and not lose advertisers?