Price Tracker from Chrome Saves Budget

  • Sam Delton
  • 04 Dec 2022
Price Tracker from Chrome Saves Budget

Chrome offers an app that helps to track all the sales during the holiday season. It is a must-have for everyone who needs to buy gifts but wants to save money as well. While it can’t offer you free-of-charge products, it still can significantly ease life.

Online shopping quickly evolved from something extraordinary and luxurious to a daily routine during the COVID times. Nowadays we use numerous apps and social networks to order products and services we want. The online market is quite similar to the classic one with sales, holiday prices, and even one-time deals. This is why the most experienced shoppers continue to track prices and update the pages of their favorite stores every day. Chrome has created shortcuts for Android users to help them find the best deals.

Last year Chrome integrated the price tracker which was quickly tested by millions of users. Now it offers Chrome 108, which is located in the address bar. You will see it near the tab switcher button. Press the icon and you will see the menu that saves the address of the page you need. You will receive alerts from this page whenever the prices go down.

You may even customize this shortcut, by pressing the icon and arranging the changes you need. You can easily use this service on Best Buy, Amazon, or any other stores you are interested in. Google is currently busy testing more features for the shortcut tracker. You can check it once in a while to find out something new or more comfortable. You will find the flag from Chrome in the section chrome://flags. Use it to get access to the savviest deals for your budget during this holiday season. It looks like you can try it to your advantage while making online shopping. This service is available for Chrome users.

What do you think about this shortcut? Are you going to try it or have already tried it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.