Spotify Island Brings New Experiences to Roblox

  • Sam Delton
  • 09 May 2022
Spotify Island Brings New Experiences to Roblox

It’s time for Roblox players to change their next weekend plans as Spotify is launching its own island within the game. Spotify Island will become a new virtual hub for artists from all over the globe and introduce a bunch of new playable content and unique merch. 

Pioneering Roblox

Spotify became the very first music-streaming platform to launch its own virtual space on Roblox, where players can design their own gaming experiences and share them with others. Spotify offers players to visit its island to experience experimenting with sound, chill out with friends, and enjoy unique merchandise unavailable on other platforms. The company calls its island an “audio oasis.”

Interactive entertainment on the island includes communication with invited artists and the completion of special music quests to gain access to Spotify exclusives. Spotify’s partner Soundtrap also offers players to create their own music via virtualized beat-making devices installed around the island. Besides, the island includes its own music chart that allows players to compete and climb up to the top. 

The new island will have many familiar icons, buttons, shapes, and colors. For example, the like buttons are collectible and can be exchanged for some merch. In addition to the main island, Spotify will eventually add portals to themed lands with new exclusive content. The first scheduled land will be based on K-Pop culture and let fans meet such stars as Stray Kids and Sunmi. 

More to Come

Spotify says that a portion of the income from the virtual island will go to involved artists. We should also wait for lots of outstanding events all year through. How do you like Spotify’s new virtual platform? Are you excited about such an opportunity? Share this news with friends and let’s chat in the comments together.