Study Reveals Successful Posts on LinkedIn in 2022

  • Sam Delton
  • 04 Jun 2022
Study Reveals Successful Posts on LinkedIn in 2022

The new study revealed the information on the most popular posts in 2022 published on LinkedIn. Analyses of the most effective posts may help users to increase their visibility. While LinkedIn is currently on-demand around the world, employees and employers began to pay more attention to their activities on the social network.
There is a record attendance on LinkedIn. It can be explained by the pandemic recovery and changes in the local economy. Numerous brands increase their activity on this social network, trying to find more professionals.
The new study was revealed by Socialinsider, the analytic team that collaborated with Cloud Campaign to gather and analyze information on current LinkedIn trends. Together they checked over 141 000 posts from the social network and analyzed more than 1 000 company pages. Their goal was to find the trending posts that receive numerous positive responses.
According to their research, the native documents like PDFs that were uploaded into the social network directly gathered 3 times more clicks than other content. Many users are trying to imitate the native posts on LinkedIn by offering PDF documents. In making a carousel post every PDF in it is displayed separately. Apart from that, videos continue to be one of the most preferable types of publications on LinkedIn. They attract the attention of a wide range of users. According to the research, the most popular are small or middle-sized videos.
In 2022, the rate of video views jumped up 15.61 percent compared to the previous year. Analysts also checked the visibility of average pages. It looks like the rate of the page without numerous videos or multiple clicks equals 3.49 percent.
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