Twitter Extends Tools for Professional Account

  • Sam Delton
  • 29 Aug 2022
Twitter Extends Tools for Professional Account

Twitter is testing new features available for owners of Professional Accounts. They will include the shopping tools and link buttons. The new services are made to help businesses to get closer to the audience.

Nima Owji, the app researcher, has posted the first example of Professional Accounts' new buttons. It looks like the company is going to offer Spotlight features and a customized display for Link. You may be able to choose there all the CTAs for the prominent icon on your page. This CTA button will have a wide range of text possibilities. It might help you to increase the attention to your business profile and add value to the page.

Twitter has been testing the Professional Profiles for over a year hoping to add more opportunities for business owners and attract new clients there. Let’s admit, that it is not the most successful year for this popular social network. The attention of new businesses who can pay for subscriptions and promote their products for a fee via Twitter is a real help to the company. They have even included several well-known brands for Professional Profiles trials this March. Businesses around the world are welcomed by Twitter to add extra info panels to their pages with detailed descriptions, locations, and contacts.

There are more options Twitter has in its plans, including shopping with the icon Shop. It may be tightly connected to the product management platform that Twitter is currently busy with. The new service will help to reveal the products you want to bring to the audience. Meanwhile, Twitter has a platform called Shopping Manager that will help brands to create and control their catalog of products, using the in-app display. Twitter is trying hard to integrate as many shopping options as possible, attracting business owners and marketers.

Do you think this is a beneficial strategy? How often do you buy anything recommended on Twitter? Express your thoughts in the comments.