YouTube Has Added a Video Shortening Feature

  • Sam Delton
  • 09 Aug 2022
YouTube Has Added a Video Shortening Feature

YouTube has been trying to develop short videos in every possible way since 2020 to keep up with its competitor Tik Tok and provide users with content in different formats. Posting shorts is much easier for creators because YouTube has added a new feature. It helps to convert long videos into short ones.

The new "Edit into a Short" tool is available in the app for iOS and Android. While it doesn't offer a wide range of editing features like desktop programs, it's still very handy for certain purposes. A content creator can cut up to 60 seconds from any of his long videos. Further, using the Shorts editor, the author can add various elements, such as filters, text, photos, and videos from the gallery. It is also possible to add videos taken with the Shorts camera. It is important to remember that, unlike other tools, this one only offers to convert videos that you have uploaded.

YouTube recently noted that over 1.5 billion people view shorts every month. That is why the development of this kind of content is one of the priorities for bloggers. Short excerpts from long videos allow them to determine what content users like best. YouTube adds a link to the full video that Shorts was created from. This allows authors to advertise content. On the other hand, users can find interesting videos right away.

Another good news for content creators is that YouTube is actively looking at ways to monetize this feature. The service is actively working on the development of tools, as it has a serious competitor in the face of the Chinese Tik Tok.

A great tool that allows bloggers to create shorts quickly using only the mobile app. With its help, authors can analyze their audience's interests and create popular high-quality content. What editors do you usually use to create shorts