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The new photoTAN app from Commerzbank

Receive push notification, check order, release - with the new photoTAN push function you can release orders quickly and securely with just one click. The photoTAN Scan feature also gives you the ability to scan a photoTAN graphic to generate a TAN.

The photoTAN app is our most innovative security procedure. The app offers the greatest possible security through a modern and convenient TAN procedure - for all customers who use Commerzbank's online and / or mobile banking.

What do I need the photoTAN app for?

The photoTAN app is one of our security factors. The photoTAN is an integral part of every login and transaction as part of your online and mobile banking. It serves to check the order data you have entered and to generate the transaction number (TAN).

How does photoTAN-Push work?

The push function of our new photoTAN app is especially comfortable. As soon as we have a new order to release, we will send you a notification on your smartphone when using the photoTAN-Push. When you then open the photoTAN app, the order to release will be displayed directly for review. If the displayed data is correct, release the order with just one click.

How does photoTAN Scan work?

After placing an order in Online Banking, a mosaic-like colorful graphic appears on the monitor. You scan them with the photoTAN app. Immediately a TAN will be displayed. As a check, you will then see again the essential details of your order in the app. If everything is correct, simply enter the TAN on the computer and the order will be confirmed.

By the way: with our mobile banking you can make transfers faster and easier than at the computer. Use the free banking app Commerzbank!

The advantages of the new photoTAN app at a glance:

• Security: the most innovative TAN process at Commerzbank.
• Straightforward: You will receive a notification on your smartphone when there is a new order for approval.
• Fast: You can share jobs with just one click.
• Free: The use of the photoTAN is free for you.
• Mobile Banking: Fast order releases via the Banking App through the App2App function.
• Offline usability: If your smartphone is offline, you can still easily share jobs with the Scan feature.


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store