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DuckDuckDuck is Child’s Play

DuckDuckDuck is Child’s Play

Rubber duckies are so fun, according to Sesame Street’s Ernie. Sadly, DuckDuckDuck, from Majic Jungle Software, is not the one for me. It’s either because I’m too old or too easily bored (probably both).

The idea is to guide blue, green and other colored ducks onto color-matched whirlpools in a pond. Put a yellow duck on a green whirlpool, or any other mismatch, and the duck gets stuck. Every now and then, a goose wades into the pool and gets in the way.

With DuckDuckDuck you can play against the clock or just for the heck of it. You have variety of options such as changing the color at the bottom of the pool, adding rain and clouds and other tweaks.

DuckDuckDuck has beautifully rendered pools of water and a soothing, Zen-like sound effects. The pool of water refracts light, swirls realistically and reflects the clouds above. In the background gently plays the sound of burbling water, bird chirps and wind chimes.

The dev doesn’t say for whom this app is aimed but I doubt many grown-ups would find DuckDuckDuck entertaining. On the other hand, I can see how a child might think it’s great fun.

I don’t know what DuckDuckDuck was priced at when it entered the App Store, but David Frampton, who created DuckDuckDuck, wrote recently on his blog that he regrets dropping the price to $0.99. The problem is that once a dev sets the price at its lowest value, there’s nowhere to go, he wrote. And that means he’s not likely to see an adequate return for all the work he put into creating this game.

The graphics and SFX are great. It’s the concept that needs work. Oh, and DuckDuckDuck crashed on me twice and that’s after shutting down my iPhone.

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