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In the realm of suspenseful stealth games, one particular title, Hello Neighbor, developed by Russian video game studio Dynamic Pixels and published by tinyBuild, has successfully astounded and intrigued gamers. Launched in 2017, it offers a unique blend of real-time strategy with a thrilling plot that unfolds in a suburban neighborhood quite similar to those we all have lived in.

Hello Neighbor places players as characters who observe strange happenings in their neighbor's house. Spurred on by curiosity, the game involves breaking into the titular neighbor's home to uncover the secrets he is concealing in the basement. However, it is not as straightforward as it seems, as the neighbor has an adaptive Artificial Intelligence (AI) that responds to your strategies.

Discovering Secrets and Stumbling Blocks

There is no denying that the appeal of Hello Neighbor lies primarily in its suspense-filled engine and the smart AI of the in-game antagonist. The neighbor evolves with every move the player makes, adjusting his actions and setting traps that make it harder to break in each time. It's not just about stealth; players also have to solve puzzles to proceed further in the game.

Despite its intriguing premise and unique set of features, Hello Neighbor has its set of flaws. The most prominent of these drawbacks is its controls, which many players have found to be clunky and difficult to operate. Furthermore, the game can be unnecessarily challenging at times, mainly due to the AI's high difficulty level, making it tough for younger players or beginners to get into the swing of things. Additionally, some users have reported experiencing graphical glitches and performance issues that disrupt the overall gaming experience.

Closing the Door on User Impressions of Hello Neighbor

Users' impressions of Hello Neighbor are a mix of admiration and criticism. On one hand, players have commended the game for its innovative, suspense-driven gameplay and have been full of praise for the sophisticated AI of the neighbor. The sense of anxiety that the game successfully instills adds to the charm of this thrilling stealth game.

On the downside, gamers are quite vocal about the game's control complications and high difficulty level. Many players have expressed the desire for a more balanced difficulty curve and improvements in game performance and glitches. Despite these criticisms, Hello Neighbor has managed to carve out a unique spot for itself in the gaming world due to its distinctive concept and riveting gameplay.


- Innovative, suspense-filled gameplay;
- Adaptive AI of the neighbor;
- Puzzles to solve as part of the strategy;


- Clunky and difficult controls;
- High difficulty level can be off-putting for some players;
- Graphical glitch and performance issues.