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Everything you need to interact with Meccano robots is here in this app! Animate MeccaSpider, make it crawl and prowl, emit eerie sounds and spray venom. Enhance your M.A.X. experience by recording his movements and giving him new faces!

This is the official companion app for the Meccano MeccaSpider and M.A.X., now available at retailers. Visit for more information.


- Use the controller to turn M.A.X.’s head, open and close his claw and drive him around!
- Use the controller to make MeccaSpider crawl, track and attack by spraying venom on unsuspecting guests!
- Face Creator gives M.A.X. a whole new face! Switch your device with the faceplate and see how M.A.X. reacts when you speak!
- Sync sounds with specific actions or moods using the sound selector.
- M.A.X. comes with a completely customizable interface. Use the app to teach M.A.X. how to respond to you!
- View and record directly from your robot to your smart device.
- If you need help building your robot, find your build in the Instruction section for help.
- Check out the handy videos section and learn how to interact with your robot.

DO YOU NEED HELP? Check our in app help section or:

Get the official app and explore all of the exciting features of your Meccano robotics builds today!

· This app is free to download and contains no in-app purchases.
· This app requires acceptance of Spin Master’s Privacy Policy, TOS and EULA

Minimum OS of 9.3.3 is required.

The Meccano App is known to be compatible with the following iOS devices:

- iPad Air 9.3.3
- iPad Air 2 9.3.3
- iPad Pro 9.7" 9.3.3
- iPad Pro 12.9" 9.3.3
- iPad Mini 9.3.3
- iPad Mini 3 9.3.3
- iPad Mini 4 9.3.3
- iPad 3 9.3.3
- iPhone SE
- iPhone 5 9.3.3
- iPhone 5s 9.3.3
- iPhone 6 9.3.3
- iPhone 6 10
- iPhone 6S 9.3.3
- iPhone 6 Plus 9.3.3
- iPod Touch 5G 9.3.3
- iPod Touch 6G 9.3.3
- iPhone 7
- iPhone 8
- iPhone X

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store