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The NINA warning app (emergency information and news app) warns you of dangers throughout Germany, including your current location if you wish. The app is provided by the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (BBK).

The technical starting point for NINA is the federal modular warning system (MoWaS). This is operated by the BBK for nationwide civil defense warnings. Since 2013, all situation centers of the federal states and many already connected control centers of cities and municipalities can use the warning system (

Note: Alerts about local events are not available everywhere. Please find out from your district or city which options are used to warn the population there.

With NINA you get:

• Warning messages from civil protection with recommendations for action
• Weather warnings from the DWD (throughout Germany for all districts and cities)
• Flood information (nationwide at state level)
• General emergency tips so that you can protect yourself and others from possible dangers.

NINA allows you to select locations for which you want to receive alerts. These are displayed in the “My Places” overview. In the settings menu you can specify the warning level at which you should be informed via push notification. Optionally, you can also receive alerts for your current location. No location data is saved on our servers. Please note: In order to be able to display location-related warnings correctly, NINA must be able to determine your location. Bad reception can lead to incorrect displays.

The danger area of ​​a warning can be displayed in the map view. The flood information is currently only issued at the state level. All warning messages are displayed on the map, even if you have not selected the location.

The emergency tips contain recommendations on topics such as floods, storms, power failures, fires and special danger situations. Find out how you can prepare for such events. You will also find instructions on how to act in the event that you are affected by an event. You can get started right away with the practical checklists.

Notes on permissions in the app:

Access to the memory (Android 8 and higher): The NINA warning app offers the option of copying the familiar siren tone to the smartphone. This authorization is required to enable copying. After the copying process has been completed, the authorization can be removed again. Authorization is not required for the warning app to function.

Own location: Warning messages for your current location are only possible when using GPS, WiFi and other geolocation services. If you have deactivated these services on your device, you will not receive any location-related alerts.


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store