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Norton Snap QR Code Reader app is a free, fast, and easy tool for scanning and decoding the QR codes and barcodes available in all the market. It is a new way to scan QR codes and check to see if they’re safe. With a quick scan, you can find out if the QR code links to a safe site before it loads on your mobile device. Download Norton Snap qr code reader on your mobile and scan safely.


This application is an easy-to-use QR code reader that can decode both 1D and 2D code formats. The application is powered by the world's best QR code decoder library. The app scans the code, if it's a valid one, and displays the information or starts the application if you have a valid code.


Norton Snap lets you scan QR codes to get to mobile sites for coupons, videos, music, social networking, games, and more. Or simply take a picture of a QR code to see the expanded site address.

If you’re shopping at a store and want to scan a QR code to find out if the product is any good, you can scan it with Norton Snap and know if you should consider the product or not.


This app provides the following features:

  • Support multiple QR code scanning modes;
  • Auto-detect scanning direction;
  • Auto-focus and auto-decode;
  • Support switching between camera and photo library;
  • Support batch mode for better performance;
  • Manual decodability selection.


This is a great app for newbies and for people who are in urgent need of scanning QR code but don’t know how to do it. It is very easy to handle this app and user-friendly. Download Norton Snap qr code reader and give it a try.


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store