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To obtain driving licence from RTO (Regional Transport Office) within India all people must have to pass through theory exam taken by their regional offices.
RTO Driving Licence Test app is a very useful app for those who are going to attend the online test organized by Regional Transport Office (RTO)
RTO Driving Licence Test have tried to create Application though which vehicle owner can Practice Traffic signs, Traffic Rules and Regulation which are valid in India.
RTO Driving Licence Test is developed for Gujarat and outside Gujarat. Here.Here you can see 15 MCQ questions and the passing criteria are 11 correct answers.you have to give 11 correct answer to pass this test as per RTO rule and regulation.
RTO Driving Licence Test gives two ways to preparation 1.test 2. practice question.
Though practice question user can directly give answer for particular question.
RTO Driving Licence Test covered all question which is mostly preferred by RTO.

1. support for Gujarati and English.
2. practice mode and test mode.
3. automatically show right answer while you select wrong answer.
4. you can resume practice test from where you was quit test.
5. you can skip question if you have no idea about it and continue through next question.
6. you can see you score which you have scored
7. no internet connection required.


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store