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The suspenseful realm of multiplayer gaming ventures into an eerie neighborhood with "Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Multiplayer." Emerging as an exciting spin-off prequel to the infamous Hello Neighbor game, Secret Neighbor pushes players into a thrilling exploration underscored by suspicion and deception. Developed by Dynamic Pixels and Hologryph, and published by tinyBuild, this game is about a group of kids endeavoring to rescue their friend from the creepy basement of their ominous neighbor.

The crux of the game? Among these kids, lurks the secret neighbor in disguise. Trapped in this tense atmosphere, players need to find keys to unlock the basement door while figuring out who amidst them is the traitorous neighbor.

Venture Deeper - Surprises and Scares

Secret Neighbor magnifies the  thrilling, adrenaline-fueled tension of the original Hello Neighbor game by introducing multiplayer elements. The game cleverly interweaves classic horror-spooky house elements with teamwork and subtle suspicion. Players find themselves swimming through an ocean of evolving dynamics as they cannot trust their team entirely, fostering a brilliant blend of cooperation and trepidation.

The gameplay dynamic in "Secret Neighbor" is simple yet captivating. It functions on teamwork, mistrust, and an evolving environment. The children need to collaborate to discover the keys to the basement before the secret neighbor sabotages their plans. Each child comes armed with unique abilities, adding variety and depth into the gameplay.

However, much like any other game, Secret Neighbor has its shades of gloom. Many players complain about its matchmaking system, which often results in uneven teams that impede the game's balance and fun. Moreover, the voice chat feature, while enhancing the game’s dynamics, also lays the ground for bullying and inappropriate language, especially for younger players. Lastly, the absence of a tutorial or guided start has left several players struggling to understand the game's mechanics and objectives.

A Peek Into Players' Impressions of Secret Neighbor

Resonating with its user base, Secret Neighbor has garnered praises for its thrilling experiences. Players appreciate the game's innovation in mixing suspicion and cooperation, heightening the essence of strategic gaming. The atmospheric horror elements coupled with an engaging communication-based gameplay have worked immensely in its favor.

Despite such positives, the uneven matchmaking and rude players have left users with unpleasant experiences. Furthermore, the lack of a tutorial or guidance system for users to comprehend the game mechanics invites frustration, especially among new gamers. Nevertheless, Secret Neighbor manages to elicit a gamut of emotions from its player base due to its suspenseful, immersive narrative and its unique gameplay strategy.


- Intriguing blend of cooperation and suspicion;
- Atmospheric horror elements elevate player experience;
- Engaging communication-based gameplay;
- Each character equipped with unique abilities;


- Uneven matchmaking can disrupt game balance;
- Voice chat can lead to bullying or use of inappropriate language.