From our own experience, we know that interaction and communication with clients are key to success in any business. Your site is the face of your brand, and visitors form their first impression because of it. This is why it should be filled with information that meets your target group's needs and expectations.

We offer the SEO content writing service for your website that tells your company's unique story. With its help, you will be able to attract new clients and gain your visitors' trust. Brand storytelling is not just dry facts about your business and products. It should express your motivation, values, goals, and aspirations that you want to achieve with the business. Such content, presented in the correct form, will contribute to the popularity growth. Site visitors will remember it for a long time.

Depending on your needs and the required work scope, you can choose one of our three service packages.

  • $350 Basic The Basic set is perfect for those who need a single-scroll landing page with quality content that engages their customers.
    • A home page
    • 3 focus words
    • Contains 400 words
    • 1 revision
    • 5 days delivery time
  • $500 Standard The Standard set includes a brand story and introductory texts for three main pages.
    • Content for three pages
    • 5 focus words
    • Contains 1000 words
    • 2 revisions
    • 6 days delivery
  • $800 Premium The Premium set gives you more options to educate potential customers about your brand, values, and goals.
    • Content for six pages
    • 7 focus words
    • Contains 2000 words
    • 3 revisions
    • 7 days delivery