10 Tricks for DOTA 2

  • Sam Delton
  • 01 Jan 2024
10 Tricks for DOTA 2

DOTA 2 epitomizes a multifaceted, profound gaming experience that demands perpetual education. From the battle-hardened veterans to the neophytes embarking on their journey, applying savvy tactics and insightful advice can greatly amplify your in-game prowess. Dive into these expertly curated top 10 maneuvers for DOTA 2, designed to provide a competitive advantage and catapult your gaming skills to new heights.

1. Mastering Last-Hitting and Denying

Last-hitting is dealing the final blow to a creep to earn gold, while denying is killing your creeps to prevent the enemy from getting the same benefit. Timing is crucial in both last-hits and denies, as it can influence the lane control and your farm. Practicing last-hitting in the Last Hit Trainer or a custom lobby can drastically improve your game performance.

2. Effective Map Awareness

Map awareness goes beyond periodically checking the mini-map. It involves understanding the whereabouts of missing enemies, predicting their movements, and using wards to maintain vision control over key areas of the map. Always watch the map, anticipate scams, and help your team by providing crucial information on enemy positioning.


3. Lane Equilibrium Management

Controlling the lane's creep equilibrium is a subtle yet powerful technique. Keeping the creep battle near your tower without letting the tower hit them requires a delicate balance of last-hitting, denying, and creep-ry manipulation. This practice keeps you safer from swindles and makes it more difficult for your opponent to farm safely.

4. Tactical Teleportation

Teleport Scrolls are not just for returning to the lane; they are a critical tool for saving allies, escaping swindles, and turning the tides of team fights across the map. Always carry a Teleport Scroll and use it judiciously. Be aware that the enemy can cancel your teleport stuns or silence, so use it from a sheltered location when necessary.

5. Stack Jungle Camps

Stacking jungle camps can significantly increase the available resources for your team. The best times to start moving the creeps away from the camp are around the 53 to 55-second mark, allowing new creeps to spawn. Use this technique to maximize the farm for your cores or clear the stacks yourself if you can efficiently take them down.


6. Optimize Itemization

Itemization in DOTA 2 can be complex, with many options to customize your playstyle. Adaptability and understanding the current game's needs are the key to effective itemization. Always tailor your items to counter the enemy lineup, support your team's composition, and enhance your hero's strengths. Avoid building items solely out of habit, and be responsive to each game's unique circumstances.

7. Rune Control and Utilization

Runes can sway the game, especially in the early to mid-game phase. Power runes spawn every two minutes, while Bounty runes spawn every five minutes. Securing these for your team or denying them from opponents can give you significant advantages. Assign someone to check rune spawns and communicate with your team to secure them.

8. Communicate Effectively

Good communication is pivotal in DOTA 2. Whether through pings, chat, or voice comms, staying in sync with your team can profoundly impact your chances of success. Share your plans, alert teammates to enemy movements, and coordinate your actions. A well-timed team play can often lead to successful engagements and securing objectives.


9. Managing Cool Downs

Knowledge of cooldown timings – yours and the enemy's – can be game-changing. Engaging the enemy when their powerful abilities are on cooldown can give you a significant advantage. Similarly, understanding your cooldowns and communicating them to your team can help you plan fights or know when to retreat.

10. Learning From Each Game

Every game of DOTA 2, whether a victory or a defeat, offers a learning opportunity. Constantly looking to improve, reviewing your replays, understanding your mistakes, and adapting your strategy can make you a formidable player. Keep an open mind, be receptive to feedback, and always look for ways to refine your gameplay.

In conclusion, mastering DOTA 2 requires a combination of skill, strategic thinking, and adaptability. By applying these ten tricks to your gameplay, you'll improve your individual performance and contribute positively to your team's efforts. Remember, the path to greatness in DOTA 2 is an ongoing journey of learning, practice, and resilience. May the battlefield bear witness to your newfound might!