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Marco Polo is a brand new experience video chatting experience. The app combines features of a social network with instant messenger and a video conferencing app. As a result, it lets you talk to your loved ones and business partners, even if they’re offline and busy at the moment.

Talk Anytime

  • No more scheduling – using Marco Polo, you don’t have to schedule video calls as the app lets you record your video messages and leave them in the chat so that people can watch them when they really have time to do it. It’s an easy way to stay in touch when you’re located in different time zones but you really want to talk to your friends and family;
  • Unlimited duration – this app doesn’t limit the duration of your video messages, so that you can tell about anything in a single video message. It’s an opportunity to send recordings of important events to people who would really want to participate but don’t have time to come.
  • Privacy-first – Marco Polo doesn’t store user data on servers after you delete recordings and messages on your device. As a result, you can store only those messages that you want to keep for long and delete other messages without leaving any trace on the company’s servers. At the same time, the cloud storage capacity for storing important videos is unlimited.
  • No advertising – the app is totally free and doesn’t clutter the interface with pop-up ads. Besides, the developer doesn’t trade user information to third-party advertising campaigns.
  • Express yourself – in the Marco Polo app, you can brighten up your conversations by adding real-time finger drawings, stickers, and emojis right onto your video. Other users can also react to your messages with these quick methods;
  • Texting capabilities – if you don’t have enough time to make a recording, you can send a short text message to tell something important in no time.
  • Message feed – the interface of the app is organized to let you see and view all the incoming messages on a convenient board. It lets you quickly choose what to play and what should be left for later.


  • No voice calls – unfortunately, you cannot use Marco Polo for making average video and audio calls. Still, it’s a unique way to get in touch. There’s also no way to share files in the chat.

A Way Out

Marco Polo is an excellent service for those days when you don’t have time to talk to important people because your schedule is too busy. You don’t have to schedule meetings anymore. Just record a message and send it directly to people you want to talk to. The service is free and not supported by advertisements, so it’s a pleasure to use.