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Microsoft Word is a mobile version of the famous document processor, a part of Microsoft Office. With it, you can view, create, edit, and share Word documents, save versions history, and do all the things you do with the desktop version. With a Microsoft 365 account, this app forms a seamless workspace of your mobile and desktop devices.

Edit Like You’re at the Desktop

With this app, you can type, paste, edit or format the text of the document, embed spreadsheets, images and videos, add hyperlinks, change backgrounds, and so on. There are tools for printing and exporting documents, for sharing them within Microsoft 365 workspaces or to other apps. All the basic features of Word are here; it lacks extras of desktop versions, but you can seamlessly finish editing on another device.

The app offers lots of templates for various types of documents: plain text, journals, newsletters, resumes, calendars, menus, and so on. It helps to create the right type of document quickly and then refine it on a desktop if necessary. With Word, you can also open documents from your local memory or cloud storage.

Collaboration is among the highlight of Word Mobile. You can edit documents you’ve been granted access to, comment them (or certain fragments of them), save versions, undo changes by other users, share links to new members, and so on. If someone makes a change in your document or leaves a comment, you get notified about that immediately, so you can respond.

Unlike mobile Office versions of the 2000s, this time mobile and desktop apps use the same formatting and embedding options, so documents look the same regardless of where they were created. This compatibility is enabled by the cloud features of Microsoft 365.  

If you use Word on a device with a screen less than 10.1”, its full functionality is available for free. On bigger devices (like iPad Pro 11” or Galaxy Tab S6 10.5”) the app will only function as a reader, with no editing features. Even on smaller devices subscription is necessary to seamlessly integrate your office apps with your desktop. Still, it’s rather affordable if you really need to access and edit your documents wherever you might happen.

Office on the Go

Finally, Microsoft Word is a decent mobile app with almost all the functionality of desktop versions and no issues with formatting. The app is available for Android and iOS, with separate versions for iPhone and iPad.