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GuitarTuna is a high-quality instrument tuning application by Yousician Ltd. It’s designed to let you tune all the instruments you have anywhere you are. Just turn the app on and start playing to see how to tune up properly.

Fine Tuning for Everything


  • Universal tuning algorithm – the frequency detecting algorithm behind the simple interface of the app can easily tune up any string instrument. There are convenient presents for 6, 7, 8, and 12-string guitars, 4,5, and 6-sting bass guitars, and many other string instruments. If you cannot find your instrument on the list, turn on the chromatic tuner and enjoy precise tuning of anything from mandoline to a grand piano! There are really no limits to this app.
  • Simple navigation – the interface design of the app is so simple and intuitive that even a complete beginner can understand how to tune a guitar using the app.
  • All the tunings you need – the library of tuning presets includes all the most popular tuning types, including lowered, opened, modal, and other tuning types. Select the one you need at the moment and make your instrument sound the new way effortless. This feature is a must-have for beginners you want to play along with their favorite songs and professionals who want to experiment with sound.
  • Play and learn – using GuitarTuna, you can not only tune your instruments but also learn new chords by completing packs of exercises. You can either try to memorize chords visually, learn diagrams, try to repeat the chords after the robot, or try to recognize the chords by in the ear-training mode.
  • Musical ear practice – another way to improve your skills is to play the guitar along with the built-in metronome with switchable sound measures. It’s an excellent method of developing higher picking speed.
  • Noise suppression – the app knows how to cut the musical instrument sound from the soundscape, letting you tune up quickly even in noisy areas.
  • Up to your taste – the app’s interface is adjustable. You can change overlay themes to make the entire interface match the style of your instrument.


  • No tuning tutorials – most beginners don’t really know how to tune their strings properly, which may lead to string damage and tuning mistakes. We recommend you to watch a YouTube lesson before you begin.

Musician’s Must-Have

GuitarTuna is the most advanced and multi-featured app in the category. It lets you tune any instruments via presets and a professional chromatic tuner. It’s also a cool freehub for learning the basics and progressing naturally. The app is recommended for both beginners and professional musicians who need a reliable on-the-go solution.