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SkyView Free is an app for looking at the starry sky with an armed eye. See the stars that are above your head or below your feet. Watch the stars when you’re outside or inside. See the constellations and learn their origins! SkyView Free is one of the best apps for anyone who ever felt awe looking up in the night.

The Most Stellar App on Your Phone

As you run SkyView Free, it may look like one of those bright filters for Instagram or Snapchat, with stars over everything you point it at. This time, though, it’s real stars that are located with motion sensors and location data. Just point your camera at some spot in the sky, and its augmented reality modules will show you the information about the stars you see.

There is a more impressive feature. Few of us can now name all the constellations known to the mankind for ages. With this app, not only can you detect them in the sky. SkyView will also draw you pictures explaining the origin and the name of the constellation you’re looking at. You can snap these pictures right within the app and send them in messages or post on social media.

The app also has a widget (in both Android and iOS versions) that informs you about the upcoming astronomical events. The alerts may come to your smartwatch, so you won’t miss them. But even if you have missed an interesting event, don’t worry. The Time Machine feature models the celestial map for any historical time or the nearest future. Along with the sky as it is you can see the sky as it was or will be.

The free version of the app, though, leaves a lot beyond. It proposes to upgrade to the premium version to see thousands more stars, the complete set of the 88 constellations, deeper objects at further distances, like galaxies far far away (no, seriously), and satellites circling around the Earth. It also offers you some beautiful space music that makes watching the sky an even greater cosmic experience. The upgrade is quite affordable (under $2), and if you really want to learn more about the Universe, it’s quite a good visual option. But even the free version has enough information for you to learn (and wonder) for months.

A Human Needs to See the Sky

It takes less than a telescope for watching the night sky to make sense. With SkyView Free, you’ll be able to see more stars and learn more about each of them. The app is available for Android (named SkyView Lite) and for iOS (as SkyView Free), with about equal functionality.