Atari Acquires Nightdive Studios: Preparing for the System Shock Remake

  • Sam Delton
  • 27 Mar 2023
Atari Acquires Nightdive Studios: Preparing for the System Shock Remake

Atari, a company that has all but forgotten, recently made a huge move that has been somewhat forgotten. The company bought out Nightdive Studios, a team that is currently working on a remake of the classic System Shock. With Atari making moves towards a revitalization of classic games, this acquisition is the perfect fit.  

Initially, Atari bought out Nightdive Studios for $10 million. There is potential for the former owners to make an additional $10 million, depending on the performance of the team's future games. Founded in 2012, Nightdive Studios specializes in revamping old games, having released several remasters, such as System Shock: Enhanced Edition, Turok Remastered, Blood: Fresh Supply, Shadow Man Remastered, PowerSlave Exhumed, and Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition. 

This purchase makes sense for Atari. The company is now dedicated to releasing remasters and reissues of classic games such as Asteroids: Recharged and Missile Command: Recharged, making Nightdive Studios a great fit for this strategy. It is also worth mentioning that Nightdive Studios has also previously worked on reviving games from multiple companies, and it would be a shame to limit the acquired team to just Atari games. 

The System Shock remake is set to release on May 30th exclusively on PC, while versions for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5 consoles will be released at a later date. Nightdive Studios also has other projects planned for this year, such as SiN: Reloaded, developed with Slipgate Ironworks, although a release date for this game has yet to be announced. 

In conclusion, Atari's acquisition of Nightdive Studios was the perfect move for the company in its revitalization of classic games. It will be exciting to see the System Shock remake and what else Nightdive Studios has in store. It is also encouraging that the team is not limited to just Atari games, as they have done great work in reminding players of forgotten games from many different companies in the past.