Google Wants to Control How Android Apps Gather Data

Review by Sam Delton / 07 May 2021
Google Wants to Control How Android Apps Gather Data

Google Play Market has always been said to be a less safe place than its alternatives, partly because of lack of proper control by the publisher. Now Google says it’s going to change. Beginning 2022, the developers will have to provide all the information about the data their apps collect on Android devices, as well as an explanation of why they want these rights.
The final aim of this new policy Google is implementing is to give users more control over what’s going on in their phones and tablets. Along with permissions the app has and the reason why it needs them, the apps will highlight other security elements.
In particular, the apps will directly inform users whether they implement data encryption and other extra security measures, which of the permissions are necessary for the app to function, whether its security has been confirmed by third-party experts, and whether the app may delete some of user data when being uninstalled.
iPhone and iPad users now can see something similar to what Google wants to implement. Now both new and already installed iOS apps ask users whether they allow or forbid collecting data from other apps or hardware sensors. But Google might go further with this, making its policy more flexible and less annoying for users at the same time.

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