Meta Improves Reels Monetization to Encourage Creators

  • Sam Delton
  • 11 May 2022
Meta Improves Reels Monetization to Encourage Creators

The short video format established by TikTok is now the largest field for brands to compete on for users’ attention. Now, all popular platforms are working hard to offer the best ways for creators to monetize their content to keep them posting on their platforms and give up competitors. Alphabet’s YouTube has already added a Partner Program and Shorts Fund to pay creators more, while TikTok will soon start sharing revenues with its most prominent creators. 

Meta Keeps Up!

Meta doesn’t want to lag behind and improves its Reels Play Bonus system to make the payment process simpler and more profitable. In addition, the company is adding Challenges to let creators make more money from their clips on Facebook Reels. As Meta explains, the recent changes in the Bonus system will improve payment calculations for creators with different audience sizes to encourage original content creation. It means that creators may notice a rise in payouts soon. This measure is aimed at paying more to smaller influencers in sted of letting big accounts take all the money. 

The company suggests that balancing out bonuses will make it much more pleasurable for rising talents to gain followership without struggling behind the scenes. As for the new Challenges, creators will be able to earn extra money from their videos. Meta claims that Challenges will pay creators up to $4,000 per month. 

The challenges will be quite similar to those in mobile games. For example “Earn $20 for gaining 100 views on at least 5 Reels.” Once a creator completes the challenge, a more difficult and rewarding challenge will open up. All the achievements will be reset every 30 days. 

Looks Cool!

Right now, such changes in the Reels Bonus program look very attractive as they provide creators with a straightforward opportunity to make money on content. Do you think this system will work out? Tell us what you think below and share the news with friends.