Sims 4 Teenage Extension Tights Connection to Real Life Fashion

  • Sam Delton
  • 12 Jul 2022
Sims 4 Teenage Extension Tights Connection to Real Life Fashion

The new expansion called High School Years brings familiar trends to the game. It has a system of likes and dislikes that are based on the fashion from real life. It offers a new experience in a combination of the Depop market from real life mixed with the game.

The Depop store is a part of an expansion pack for Sims 4 that is coming to life later this month. The pack is named High School Years and it is the first extension based on real-life fashion for teens. Depop is not a brand, but a store that offers to resale users vintage clothes. The company considers itself a community-powered place where anyone can buy or sell items they want.

The pack will reveal characters of Sims that survive through their teenage years. They have to communicate with other teens, go to the prom, manage school pranks or avoid them. Players can even cut the class. Apart from that, every player can try their Sim in becomes the Simfluencer in fashion. The most successful Simfluencers can earn Simoleons and improve their popularity. They can use the Trendi app, which looks like Depop. Each player can go to the store and order their items. There is a thrift store called Thriftea. After that, you may even set new trends and promote outfits.

Clothes that you will be able to check out in the extension are created by popular sellers in Depop. They are real-life designers. You may know the names Selena Williams, Sha’an d’Anthes, and Lapoze McTribouy. They will offer different styles for the game, inspired by the real-life stores they all have. According to the head of The Sims brand, Julia Victor, this new pack provides a unique opportunity to dive into modern fashion and try your possibilities.

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