Sonic the Hedgehog Set to Speed into the Minecraft Universe

  • Sam Delton
  • 09 May 2023
Sonic the Hedgehog Set to Speed into the Minecraft Universe

The iconic blue hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, is reportedly gearing up to make his debut in the popular sandbox game Minecraft. 

The rumor ignited after a tweet from user Sonic Paradise found the textures of the blue hero in the key art in the Microsoft Store. This collaboration is expected to be part of Minecraft's ongoing initiative to introduce characters from various franchises into the game, following successful partnerships with popular IPs like Star Wars, Adventure Time, and Halo.

Additionally, Minecraft has previously featured several character additions through their "Mash-Up" packs, which allow players to use character skins, custom textures, and themed worlds. The potential partnership with Sega could see similar content for Sonic and his friends, giving players an opportunity to explore the Green Hill Zone or Chemical Plant Zone in the blocky Minecraft universe.

While the news of Sonic joining Minecraft remains unconfirmed, the possibility of this collaboration is certainly exciting for fans of both franchises. With Sonic's 32nd anniversary celebrations underway, it would be the perfect time for Sega and Mojang Studios to join forces and bring the beloved blue hedgehog and his friends to the world of Minecraft. As we await official confirmation, the rumor continues to fuel speculation and anticipation among the gaming community.