Tagg: A New Type of Social Media

  • Sam Delton
  • 20 Dec 2021
Tagg: A New Type of Social Media

Tagg is a new social media, designed for Gen Z. It invites users to explore their uniqueness. However, it’s not broadly available yet.

Tagg is an effort to create a new virtual space, as an alternative to the dominating platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others.

The main concept behind the app — which is still a start-up — is that users should be liberated from judgment. And, seemingly, criticism too.

Tagg will have no like/dislike counter. Views, comments, and shares are the only form of feedback that creators will receive for their efforts.

The authors behind the app claim that likes are actually a destructive force — they can limit both the artistic potential of a person and adequate self-perception.

By comparing your amount of likes to that of another poster, you risk harming your mental well-being, self-appreciation, and confidence.

Another nuance of Tagg is that people won’t be limited by specific genres or other artificial constraints that can choke their individuality.

As the app’s co-founder Victor Loolo commented on the app:

“People are kind of put into a box. Let’s say I’m a guy who does cooking videos on TikTok — I’m the cooking video guy. But I might enjoy video games and other stuff”

Another idea that makes Tagg more or less unique is that authors will be directly rewarded in the app for their efforts. At the moment, Tagg rewards a select number of users with the bounty in form of “points”.

Later, these points will have a plausible value. Like tokens that you can exchange for real money. Although the concept isn’t new — it was used by the Likes of Bigo Live — it might be an extra incentive for creatives to post on Tagg.

Tagg is presented, a Web 3.0 application. Its selling point is that it avoids such pitfalls as likes and strict, rigid branding. Do you think it has potential? Let us know in the comments!