Top 5 Games Similar to Hello Neighbor

  • Sam Delton
  • 27 Dec 2022
Top 5 Games Similar to Hello Neighbor
Hello, Neighbor is an incredibly popular horror game that has been captivating players since its release in 2017. It's a first-person stealth horror game with a unique focus on how the player interacts with their neighbor and their environment. But if you're looking for something new and exciting, there are plenty of alternatives out there to try. From eerie puzzles to intense battles, here are five of the best Hello Neighbor alternative games available right now. 

Don’t Knock Twice 

Don’t Knock Twice game logo

Don't Knock Twice is an atmospheric psychological horror game developed by Wales Interactive and released in 2017 for both PC and consoles. In Don't Knock Twice, players take on the role of a mother searching for her missing daughter inside an abandoned manor home filled with dark secrets and supernatural horrors lurking within its walls. 


Players must explore each area of the manor while avoiding or confronting monsters along the way using items found throughout their journey as well as solving puzzles that will help uncover more information about why their daughter went missing in this mysterious home in rural England. 
As they progress through each floor, they'll come across elaborate traps set up by unseen forces, which will require quick thinking to escape alive or risk becoming another victim lost forever within its halls! Alongside these challenges, players can interact with objects scattered throughout each level, such as bookshelves or cabinets that may contain clues leading them closer to rescuing their daughter before time runs out! 


Set in rural England during the 19th-century industrial revolution era society, Don't Knock Twice follows protagonist Liza Williams who searches desperately for her missing daughter Chloe after receiving a strange letter claiming she was hidden away inside an abandoned mansion located deep in forest grounds near their hometown village Rumshottle-by-the-Sea; a place full potential danger lurking behind every corner waiting patiently for those brave enough (or foolish enough!) To enter its cursed halls! 
Players must use all available resources at hand, such as deciphering notes left behind by previous inhabitants or using tools found throughout levels like flashlights & keys in order to survive this terrifying adventure full of perilous encounters awaiting at every turn! 

Emily Wants To Play

Emily Wants To Play logo
Emily Wants To Play is an indie horror puzzle game developed by Shawn Hitchcock and released in 2015 for PC/consoles/mobile devices where players take control of "Emily," an AI construct created from pieces collected off scrapyard parts who seeks companionship - no matter how dangerous it may be - through playing sinister games with unsuspecting victims all alone inside eerie two-story house late at night.


Gameplay consists primarily of navigating around various rooms while attempting to complete objectives given by ‘Emily’ herself; tasks ranging anywhere from collecting specific items scattered across levels like dolls heads & teddy bears up to challenging riddles involving manipulating environment objects like light switches & fuse boxes name few examples here (all while trying not getting caught sighted any creepy dolls roaming around the house!). Aside from main storyline missions, there are also several side quests available allowing gain access to otherwise inaccessible areas, even further deepening the mystery surrounding this particular residence a little bit further yet still.  


Taking place in suburban America sometime during the 90s era culture Emily Wants To Play takes place a single evening when a player character finds themselves stuck inside said two-story residence, curiously opens the front door without any signs of anyone living there whatsoever; suddenly, upon entering however AI construct ‘Emily’ reveals itself demanding play variety deadly games against them order keep surviving until morning comes. 
If one can manage to stay alive long enough, then maybe be able to unravel the truth behind the sudden appearance of hostile artificial intelligence entities only question now is whether brave enough to face trials ahead. Only way finds out. 

Intruders Hide And Seek 

Intruders Hide And Seek logo

Intruders Hide And Seek is another intense psychological thriller developed by Tessera Studios and released on 2019 PC/Consoles platforms offering a unique twist to classic hide & seek mechanics taking dramatic turn events unfold deeper delve into the story setting unfolds before eyes.                 


The gameplay revolves around the player controlling a 9-year-old boy named Jonathan whose parents mysteriously disappeared, leaving him alone caretaker's aunt, unable to give direct answers to what happened in the recent past, forcing him to venture out of the family estate and search for clues himself instead leading eventually discovering ancient secret organization resides beneath his own backyard called Unknown Cellar Group intent unleashing powerful force upon world unless someone stops soon possible.
However, doing so won’t be easy since you need to utilize clever tactics to sneak past guards and patrol premises to avoid detection best odds of success here, so you better start planning carefully first! Alongside usual hiding maneuvering, Players are also able to solve puzzles spread across multiple areas estate helping reveal more details surrounding the disappearance of Jonathan’s parents, perhaps even put a stop to evil plans the organization has brewing ultimate goal being to become the sole savior planet destiny lies hands. Good luck!     


Taking place in early 20th century Europe amidst great political turmoil times Intruders Hide And Seek follows events unfolding small quiet town called Graystone, where Jonathan lives normal life alongside his family, attends school, and daydreams about adventures in nearby forests during free hours, but everything changes night when strange group people break into household kidnap both parents leaving young boy all alone left fend himself search answers questions arise aftermath event.
What exactly happening here? Who are these intruders? Are you really wanted to save the world and prevent a disaster from happening next time? Answers await those brave enough to venture deep beneath surface Graystone discovers the true motives behind the abduction. Will you accept challenges?   

I See You 

i see you horror game 

I See You is another exciting psychological thriller developed by DarkWave Games LLC and released 2016 PC platform putting the player shoe detective tasked with investigating a series of odd cases revolving around the same individual described simply as “The Prey,” each having its own unique backstories locations featuring different characters players can interact depending case chosen to pursue.                            


During gameplay, the player assumes the role of Detective John Bishop, assigned the task of tracking down a mysterious figure known only as “The Prey,” who seems connected somehow to numerous crimes committed over the course last few weeks and thus must follow leads trail bring responsible justice either directly confront gathering evidence reporting findings higher-ups depending preference chosen investigation style involved.
Furthermore, the due fact that prey identity remains unknown whole investigation process becomes rather difficult, especially since the suspects involved rarely cooperate, making things slow process collect sufficient data properly build a case against the suspect(s) and likely culprit(s). 
Apart from investigations themselves, There are plenty of other activities, including engaging in conversations with NPCs, exploring crime scenes finding useful hints piecing together timeline events, etc. All crucial successful completion of mission course.     


Taking place modern-day city of London England I See You puts players' shoes Detective John Bishop is hired to investigate a string of odd cases involving the same individual identified simply as “The Prey,” whose motives remain unclear the entire duration of the campaign though one thing certain whoever preying innocent citizens needs to be stopped soon possible. From bustling streets, crowded pubs, dark alleys vast underground tunnels – Up detectives decipher clues that connect dots to bring perpetrator justice. Or doomed repeat itself once again?         


Stairs game logo

Stairs are an interactive survival horror experience originally made in 2013 and later remastered in 2016 Steam Windows OS created by developer GreyLight Entertainment featuring detailed 3D visuals and impressive sound design combined to create an unforgettable chilling atmosphere sure to make hairs stand to end your arms chill run spine whenever hear slightest noise coming speakers.         


Featuring heavy focus exploration combined with basic puzzle-solving elements, Stairs puts control nameless protagonist tasked with locating an existing building filled with countless corridors, separated floors full of dangerous lurking shadows ready to strike the moment least expect; ultimately, the goal escape structure safely alive encountering least amount threats possible though sometimes necessary defend oneself lethal force protect life valuable belongings possession. Moreover, aside from regular enemies encountered frequent basis expect to find occasional boss fights that require special strategy defeat or else succumb to death instantly. Good luck staying prepared for whatever comes your way!     


Setting Taking place undisclosed location somewhere isolated laboratory Stairs tells the tale unnamed scientist researching human immortality subject developing a serum capable of granting eternal youth until an accident occurred, resulting death partner and spilling dangerous chemicals experiment room creating the portal parallel universe inhabited by horrific creatures ready feast flesh trespassers daring enter realm existence longer than intended. Now scientists are forced to explore the depths facility locate an exit quickly else suffer unfortunate fate awaits the rest unwilling guests. Will you manage to beat the odds and survive to leave the building unscratched? That answer lies in your hands now.