With Netflix Hub, Spotify Connects Music to Movies and Shows

  • Sam Delton
  • 24 Nov 2021
With Netflix Hub, Spotify Connects Music to Movies and Shows

Entertainment knows no borders, not even between various arts. We still cannot embrace the fact that Netflix is into gaming. But now there’s another connection: Spotify connects the music to TV shows and features films by opening its Netflix Hub. What is it and how does it function?

Well, now it will be easier for you to find a song that you heard and liked in some show by Netflix. Previously, you had to wait for the final titles to read the name of the song, or to recognize it with Shazam or Sound Hound, and then enter its name in the search field to see hundreds of results. With Pandora or Apple Music, it still works like this. But with Spotify, you just go to the Netflix hub, select where the song is from, and find it easily.

This project is the result of expanded collaboration between two streaming giants. Along with music, the hub features podcasts about Netflix movies and shows, like 10/10 Would Recommend, or Netflix Is a Daily Joke. Now, instead of browsing recommendations, you can listen to one of these podcasts while driving or working out and choose what to watch tonight.

Spotify offers even more. Like those disks featuring “music from and inspired by %movie”, its playlists often contain extended material. For example, when you choose The Harder they Fall, you can listen to both the music from the film and the tracks that didn’t make it but still contributed.

So far, the service will be only available in English-speaking countries, namely the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and India. Soon it may roll out in other countries as well. Netflix Hub is open for both premium and free users.

Have you experienced problems with finding a song or a tune from a movie or a TV show? Will you use this Netflix Hub by Spotify? Or miss it on other music streaming platforms? Let’s talk about it in our comment section!