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Fortnite is a bright and dynamic battle royale third-person shooter in which you can compete with other players on a vast island arena. An average match in the game involves 100 live players who play on their own or in teams of 2-4 heroes. The aim of each participant is always the same – eliminate as many enemies as possible to achieve frags and survive until the end of the match. To win, you (or your team) have to remain the last faction alive. That’s the main rule of the classic battle royale. You can download Fortnite game for iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

However, the game is very exciting and lets you progress even if you don’t win many matches. You can gather loot, master various guns, communicate in the chat, and customize your character as many times during the day as you want. It’s an excellent opportunity to express yourself in this large social shooter and have fun with your friends the whole day long.  

Due to rapid matchmaking and one of the largest player bases, you won’t have delays between matches. So just enjoy unlimited hours of explosive TPS gameplay on high speeds and try to become the toughest guy on the leaderboards. You can become a Fortnite star if you do!  

Gameplay Features

  • You can create a unique character to represent yourself;
  • Each battle involves up to 100 live players, and you have a chance to prove that you’re the toughest one;
  • Every match in Fortnite is like a carnival of colors, transformations, acrobatics, and other fun stuff. It’s a perfect game for streaming and making lets plays;
  • You can team up with up to 3 friends and fight against other teams by undertaking cooperative action;
  • The crafting system lets you build forts on the go in order to reach some locations faster or to protect yourself and your team from unfriendly fire;
  • Currently, Fortnite is presenting Chapter 2. It provides better graphics than the previous part, offers you to explore a new island, and experience the updated gameplay. Now you can not only run, build, and shoot, but also utilize various interactive elements of the environment and trick your enemies like never before.  

As usual, Fortnite remains the largest host of virtual events, such as music performances. The game has already hosted concerts by DJ Marshmellow, Drake, Travis Scott, Major Laser, and many others. The best performances are still on their way to the game, so stay tuned.  

The Worthiest Battle Royale?

Fortnite is definitely a unique installment in the genre. It offers the largest amount of exclusive content and doesn’t duplicate features of other games under no circumstances. New seasons keep coming out every 2 months, bringing lots of upgrades and exciting items to explore. There’s no other battle pass that provides such a variety of high-quality updates so often.