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Tubi is a rare sort of streaming video provider that doesn’t require a subscription. You can watch movies, TV shows, and music videos on it for free! You only need to install Tubi: there is no need to even register to appreciate this service.

Tubi: Delivering Free Content

The idea of offering videos for free will certainly be embraced by many users. Tubi’s interface is even similar to Netflix: it offers virtual shelves with movies and shows of various genres. There are separate sections for shows and movies, but they are organized similarly.

On shelves, you can see one for action, one for romance, for westerns, for thrillers, comedy (and one for standup comedy), for horror, sci-fi, and so on. There are even very specific sections: for kids (and a special one for preschool education), for fitness videos, for LGBTQ movies, for shows in foreign languages, and so on. Tubi has enough movies of any genre you can imagine.

On the other hand, the catalog lacks new AAA movies – well, even AA ones, and A are also rare. It’s all about B- or even C-movies, low-budget, direct-to-video (or now rather direct-to-streaming). The shows are also mostly low-budget. Still, you can find some true cult classics here, especially if you’re into B-movies. The famous Trancers, Plan 9 From Outer Space, Silent Rage, Tales from the Crypt, and other genre gems are available.

Most of the movies, though, are just mockbusters. The names speak for themselves: The Jurassic Games, Murdercycle, Teenage Space Vampires, and so on. If you see something named Dark Knight, you can be sure it’s not directed by Nolan, and when you see “Aliens”, these aren’t the aliens you’re looking for. Well, if you like this sort of trash cinema, Tubi will be your favorite app for long. Once upon a time these movies inspired Quentin Tarantino; why not again?

Being completely free, Tubi TV is logically ad-supported. They say, though, that there are fewer commercials on Tubi than there are on air TV, and it seems believable. If you watch a movie on Tubi, rarely will you be interrupted. As for streaming quality and player usability, they are just as usual in such apps.

Tubi or Not Tubi?

The player is quite decent, so is the streaming. It doesn’t require your card number or other data. The only reason to question whether you need Tubi is whether you like the content it offers. If you openly admit you’re a fan of B- or even C-movies, or up for a good laugh they provoke, this app is definitely for you. If you want something just for the background, it will also do.