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Granny is an indie horror experience that gained a huge following on YouTube and Twitch over the last 2 years. The game tells a dark story of a miserable mand who gots lost in the forest where a horrible-looking granny captures him. The character awakes in Granny’s house, which appears to be blocked from all sides, making it almost impossible to escape alive. Moreover, the blind Granny is all ears and stalks the man around the house. Your mission is to solve the puzzles scattered around the house to survive.

The game includes six small chapters (days), during which the protagonist has to find a way out. If you fail to help him, he will die of multiple wounds that appear on his body every morning. You can sneak around the house to look for clues and tools that may help you distract the monstrous Granny or get closer to exit. It’s important to keep quiet to avoid being caught and murdered. Once Granny catches the main character, he dies in terrible tortures, and you have to start the whole thing from the very beginning.  

The visuals in the game are far from realism, but the overall atmosphere is very spooky due to the high-quality horror soundscape and the play of dim light and darkness. To achieve a better effect, switch off the lights, and wear headphones.  

Your Pocket Horror

  • Multiplatform gameplay – you can install Granny on iOS, Android, and Windows, which means that you can play on the go. Unfortunately, there’s no way to sync your progress across platforms;
  • Adjustable difficulty – the game is very friendly and lets you chose the most convenient difficulty level so that you can survive for sure. Depending on the level you choose, the semi-dead lady will run towards the noise you make at different speeds. If you’re a real hardcore fan, try to survive in the Nightmare mode! If the game seems too difficult on the lowest level, you can disable Granny and look for solutions when the house is empty.  
  • Unobvious ways – the puzzles are scattered around the house, and you have to think hard to understand how to solve them and progress. It could be quite easy if you could try several options without the need to quit the room, but the time is always limited as Granny stalks you all the time.  
  • Heavy atmosphere – Granny has a heavy claustrophobic atmosphere. The dark house will make you feel very uncomfortable and unsafe all the time, so it’s definitely not a game for faint-hearted.  

Worth A Look

Granny is one of those games that you won’t want to play when you’re home alone. It can really scare you a lot and make you sleep with the lights on all night long. We recommend it to all horror fans, who like unusual indie projects with rough visuals and immersive atmosphere.