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Imo, Free Video Calls and Chat is a convenient instant messenger that lets you send and receive text and media messages as well as to make high-quality video calls independently from cell coverage.

For Groups and Individuals

  • Video and audio – Imo supports video and audio calls with up to 20 members, which is a useful feature for friendly chatting and online business meetings. Besides, you can exchange large files during your conversations without quality losses.
  • Largest file size capacity – surprisingly, Imo offers you to send any file type via the messenger almost without size limitations. You can attach DOCX, PDF, ZIP, MOV, and other bulk file types if they take up to 10GB. That’s the largest clipboard capacity among all apps in the category. Such a feature solves numerous business tasks related to file-sharing as you can use it to send files directly from the system and avoid wasting time on third-party cloud storage solutions;
  • Vast group chats – while video calls are limited to 20 members, the message chat can be expanded up to 100000 users. Chats support multi-downloading, which means that you can share files with all these people simultaneously and be sure that they can download them at the same time.
  • Accessibility-first – you can install Imo messenger on all major platforms and enjoy the same feature set on all your devices. 
  • Low-latency streaming – all calls within the app are converted into a low-latency video and audio format, which means that the overall traffic consumption is as low as possible.
  • Express yourself – in this app, you can create a custom profile theme with a background, creative avatar, and even a personalized music theme;
  • Feature monster – unlike the majority of other popular messengers, Imo adds new useful features very often, and most of them are unique in the category. For example, you can already use the app for live streaming and watching videos in a proprietary library.


  • No peer-to-peer encryption – Imo is protected by a standard server firewall, so it’s safe for average purposes. However, if you want to use it for confidential discussions and sharing top-secret data, you better look for an app that offers similar features protected by end-to-end encryption algorithms. Otherwise, a pro hacker will be able to decipher your messages.

Powerful Workhorse

Imo, messenger is a highly effective solution for all average private and business needs. You can use it without limitations for free and connect your entire company to a large corporate chat with the best file-sharing capacity.