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Messenger is the app by Facebook that allows its users to text, exchange files, make audio and video calls, create groups, and contact businesses through their pages. This app can also handle your SMS, becoming the default app for texting. It only requires a Facebook account, so you can communicate with it without revealing your phone number or email.

Many Messaging Apps, Only One Messenger

If you want to write a private message to your Facebook friend or to a public page of a certain business, you’ll need a special app. Messenger is a separate app that allows you to write your Facebook friends (or anyone on Facebook who allows this), create groups, send messages to multiple recipients.

It also supports voice and video calls. The quality of audio and video is very decent, though it depends on your Internet connection. The app has built-in filters and effects to make the picture more impressive and emotional. Finally, you can record and send audio and video messages with it and get notified when they have been heard or seen.

Messenger is also a platform for business or office communication. Now, with Messenger Rooms, you can start a conference for up to 50 participants. If they have the link, they don’t even need a Facebook account to enter. This feature makes Messenger a good environment to hold small conferences and friendly chats in real time.  

Mobile apps can handle even more than the web version. With it, you can add photos made directly with your camera, share your location, and also share data from other apps directly to your messages. Last but not least, it shows stories your friends publish on Facebook to share their news, saving the necessity to tell all of it directly to everyone.

Messenger is, though, quite a heavyweight app. Together with the core Facebook app, it can consume quite a large share of your device’s performance. If so, you better opt for Facebook Lite that ditches many extras but has an onboard Messenger version. A device manufactured in 2017 or later will experience no problems with it, but on older hardware there may be issues.

Do You Need This App?

Messenger is a must if you want to communicate privately on Facebook. It also lets you track stories from your friends, participate in group talks, and share various data. Messenger apps are the same for iOS and Android, available on app markets. But if it’s too heavy for your device, Facebook Lite is the alternative.