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Parkmobile operates as your reliable companion, rendering a smooth and hassle-free parking experience throughout the United States. Imagine it akin to Booking.com, but for your car, rather than your personal accommodation, simplifying your city travels to a great extent.

Eliminating Parking Problems

At its core, Parkmobile facilitates an effortless hunt for suitable parking for your vehicle based on your planned destination. Boasting an integrated map and search function, Parkmobile flaunts detailed descriptions of parking spaces, complete with information about location, current status, pricing, and any additional facilities to ensure a spot is bookable in advance.

Moreover, Parkmobile extends its functionality if you happen to stumble upon an available parking space. Your location can be detected automatically by the app or manually entered by entering the zone number. You are then allowed to register your parking time on the spot and make the necessary payments right from your smartphone.

Consider the app your alert companion, reminding you when it's time to wrap up your stay. Should your plans change, you can extend your allotted time and cover the additional cost electronically without having to physically access your vehicle.

In addition, the Active section keeps you up to date on your current parking status, such as location and time remaining. For convenience, your parking history with specific details like location, date and time, and pricing is recorded under the History section.

Operating in Hubs Across America

Having partnerships in over 350 prominent cities and more than 3000 smaller locations, Parkmobile's network spans from the iconic New York City to sunny San Francisco, with the list continually expanding. 

It's important to note that, like any popular app, Parkmobile's collaborations with numerous authorities and businesses often lead to promotional content displayed within the app. While this could become distracting, particularly while driving, turning off notifications completely could result in missed expiry time for your parking session. 

Tailored for the Proactive Planner

Approach your journey with the assurance of having a dedicated parking space at your destination. Parkmobile, available for download on both Android and iOS, lets you focus solely on your agenda, eradicating unnecessary distractions from parking worries. Regardless of your vehicle model, Parkmobile has you covered since there's no direct interaction with your car. Embrace a smarter way of city travel with the Parkmobile app.


1. User-friendly Interface: Parkmobile has a simple, intuitive layout that makes it easy for users to locate parking spaces and make transactions efficiently.

2. Extensive Coverage: The app operates in over 350 U.S. cities and 3000+ smaller locations, offering users a wide range of parking options.

3. Advanced Search Feature: Allows users to find parking spaces based on destination, location, pricing, and more.

4. Time Management: Users can set reminders, extend parking time, and view the remaining time for each parking session, making it easier to manage their time efficiently.

5. History Feature: Allows users to keep track of past parking sessions, including date, time, cost, and location, which can be fruitful for record-keeping purposes.


1. Advertising: Being partnered with various businesses and authorities, the app often features promotional content that can be distracting for users, particularly while driving.

2. Notification Annoyance: Turning off notifications to avoid distracting ads can lead to missed expiry times for parking sessions.

3. Functionality Differences: The app functions smoothly on a stationary basis, but some users have reported issues when trying to use the app while on the move.

4. Connectivity Requirements: The app requires a good internet connection to function effectively, which might be a drawback in areas with weak internet connectivity. 

5. Limited International Use: The app predominantly covers U.S. cities and might not offer the same efficiency when used outside the United States.