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Roblox is a social gaming platform that lets you both play and develop your own games. On Roblox, indie developers publish their projects that are focused on gameplay rather than on visuals. Despite that, you can play games with easy controls, decent 3D visuals, and immersive sounds.

On Roblox, you create a unified profile to authorize in each game you visit. That means, you don’t have to create a profile for any separate game: you already have one, with the same nickname, avatar, and friends. If you want to make purchases in games or just support the projects you like, you need “robux” – the in-game currency. It can be bought for real money; the robux will come to your account, and you’ll be free to spend them on anything you want on Roblox.

The visual style may seem too cubic, and that’s intended. It’s easier for designers and better for performance. Games built with these rough bricks, though, can be quite elaborate. The control system is shared throughout all the games, both in desktop and mobile versions, and it saves your time, as you won’t have to relearn on trying a new game.

Games to Play on Roblox

There are thousands of decent games on Roblox. As for 2020, the following ones are worth a try:

  • Work at a Pizza Place. It’s a pizzeria simulator where you serve your customers pizza, earn money, purchase better equipment and improve the place.
  • Hide & Seek Extreme. It’s a team-based hide and seek: one team hides, another one does the searching. Despite rough visuals, the gameplay is very refined.
  • Counter Blox. It’s a Roblox remix of CS:GO, with 5v5 team match in various modes. It can be quite close to the inspiration source, never falling, though, into plagiarism.  
  • Scuba Diving at Quill Lake. In this diving simulator you have to complete underwater quests in a world rich of various secrets and mysteries.
  • Theme Park Tycoon 2. Tycoon economical simulators have always been popular, and featuring one on Roblox is a key to success. Let’s have a Roblox theme park in real life!

New ones appear daily. To navigate in this ocean, you better rely on the in-game rating made by users.

The Best Independent Platform

Roblox is for those who prefer cubic awkward Minecraft style to the elaborateness of AAA titles. It’s the place where you can support young promising developers and play something gameplay-focused, like in the Golden Age. It’s the most independent game store today, and that’s what we love it for.