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Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection is the most exciting zoo management game on Android. You have to build enclosures for the animals, feed the animals, and take care of them and create the most beautiful zoo in the world! Download Zoo Tycoon right now and start building your own zoo.


Welcome to the world of Zoo Tycoon! You’re in charge of building the ultimate zoo! You get to decide what animals to add and where to place them, as well as managing your staff and resources. Choose what your zoo will look like; build from a small animal park to a world-class zoo. Expand your zoo with the Zoopedia and make the animals happier than ever!

Your task is to build a zoo, where visitors can come to see various animals and birds. You can put a big monkey in a cage, feed the giraffe, and take care of the flamingo. Receive various bonuses for the correct care of the animals.


Downloading the game, you get:

  • More than 30 different animals to choose from, including gorillas, wolves, and dolphins;
  • Build animal enclosures, shelters, and research stations;
  • Manage staff and resources;
  • Earn money for your zoo;
  • Watch as your animals breed and grow;
  • Expand your zoo with the Zoopedia;
  • Unlock achievements and trophies;
  • Enjoy beautiful graphics and realistic animal sounds;
  • Enjoy the game with family and friends;
  • Free to play.


Captivating graphics, realistic behavior of animals, and lots of bonuses will not let you stop playing this game. Download Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection and start building the most beautiful zoo!


Zoo Tycoon is a great game and is one of the better simulation games out there. It's very addictive and fun to play. If you're a fan of The Sims or Theme Park, you'll probably like this game, so download Zoo Tycoon and create your own beautiful world.