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Amazon Alexa is an official mobile client of Amazon’s popular voice assistant. This app is designed to make your interactions with the assistant as simple as possible and enable comprehensive controls over your smart home devices, no matter how many of them you have and how big your place is.

What Can Alexa Do?


  • Compatible with hundreds of devices – Alexa connectivity is integrated into hundreds of smart home devices by dozens of trusted manufacturers. Due to this, you can equip your house with high-quality lighting, thermostats, kitchen appliances, outdoor devices, and multimedia, and control everything without the need to get up from your cozy armchair. It’s very easy to connect devices to the app as the process is followed by illustrated instructions.
  • Accessibility – the logical app’s interface design makes it very simple to access each device and feature. In the app, your entire set of devices is split into rooms and item types so that you can quickly find what you need and adjust it. If you want to make things even faster, you will enjoy the adaptive voice control feature. The module is upgradable and lets you install additional packs of commands to make your app even more universal. You can ask Alexa to switch off the lights, turn on the music, adjust the thermostat, check email, and many more things.
  • Unlimited Echo stations – a single smartphone with Amazon Alexa installed can control multiple Echo speakers at the same time. Using this feature, you can turn on the music in every room and adjust the volume separately. It’s also a very convenient feature for podcasts, and Alexa’s quick news and weather bulletins. The app can synchronize all your Echo speakers and control them from anywhere around the house.
  • In-app intercom – another benefit of Echo integration, is the ability to make calls to other authorized Alexa users and chat via your smartphone or any Echo station that’s equipped with a camera.
  • On-the-go features – Alexa isn’t only a domestic app, but a full-fledged on-the-go assistant that can help you schedule your day, make shopping lists, notify you when it’s time to do something, and many more.


  • It doesn’t work with multiple accounts – if you install Amazon Alexa, you should know that it cannot sync with several accounts of the same services. For example, if you have 2 different Spotify accounts, on your smartphone and home tablet, you will be able to sync your Echo only with one account.


Amazon Alexa is currently one of the most advanced and helpful voice assistants and smart home controllers. It offers the widest range of commands amongst competitors and doesn’t mess up your experience with bugs. 


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store