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Class Dojo is an educational app that lets you create a social network within your classroom to let pupils interact, compete, achieve goals, share homework, and get their progress marks remotely.

For a Tight-Knit Classroom Society


  • Enhanced motivation – Class Dojo lets teachers motivate students for productive work much better than before. Children love technology and complete their homework and class projects with more enthusiasm if you let them use their smartphones and tablets for that.
  • For everyone – the interactive space within the app is designed to provide teachers, students, parents, and headmasters with comprehensive information. Teachers achieve a convenient channel for delivering learning materials and practical exercises to students and supervise the progress together with parents. At the same time, headmasters can see the full picture and develop recommendations for upgrading educational routines and let the class achieve better results.
  • School life memory board – the app has a feed for children and parents, where both can see photos and videos that tell about school life and notify about upcoming events.
  • Secure chat – using Class Dojo, parents can communicate with teachers individually and in groups. It’s a great way to discuss the progress of your children without making them worry about your visits to the school and saving up a lot of time.
  • Free education – the app is available for free for all the participants of the process, which makes it an excellent solution for any classroom. In addition, the app is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and interactive whiteboards.
  • Simplicity-first – the app’s interface design is funny but straightforward and easy to master too. All the instruments are available via a menu with large icons, while the class board lets children choose colorful avatars to represent their identity and character.
  • Automated statistics – Class Dojo can analyze the progress of each student in the class and generate detailed progress graphs anytime you need them to evaluate the efficiency of teacher-student collaboration.


  • The interface isn’t customizable – unfortunately, there’s no way to customize the app’s appearance to make it more suitable for particular class needs. It would be a bit better if the developer ads an option to add and remove icons from the menu and hide modules that are not used.

Progress Faster

Class Dojo provides unlimited opportunities for making your classes more exciting and immersive. Children today love the technological approach and show a higher interest in tasks that require the usage of smartphones and tablets.