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Opera Mini/Touch (only Opera Touch for iOS) is the mobile version of the famous web browser. Not so popular on desktops, now it’s primarily famous on phones and tablets, with its accelerating, data-saving, and ad-blocking features. Though Opera Mini for Android and Opera Touch for iOS are formally different, it makes sense to review them together.

Perfect Browser for Imperfect World

Opera Mini (a.k.a. Opera Touch) is perfectly made for unstable connection. It first appeared when even 3G was far from ubiquitous, and its first editions were great at compressing pages at its servers and sending only the essentials to the user’s device. This accelerating feature is still here.

Another one specific for mobile versions of Opera is ad-blocking. To prevent consuming your data by ads, you can trust your browser with the pages. It renders them into something lighter and more readable.

Of course, there are many features Opera has always been great with. There is a file downloader that can resume downloads, a built-in video player, a quick bookmark page, a news aggregator that delivers articles on what may interest you, and a private browser. If you use the desktop version as well, many things in Opera Mini or Touch will be familiar to you. The Android version of Opera Mini is more download-friendly, due to more open file system. Opera Touch, on the other hand, better works with voice assistants and suits better for one-handed controls.

And if you authorize under your account, you’ll be able to sync your bookmarks, passwords, history, and other personal data across your instances of Opera. Cloud syncing lets you seamlessly bring your desktop experience to your mobile device. With it, you can also share files across your own devices.  

The strongest thing about Opera Mini/Touch, as many users say, is the way it works with a bad Internet connection. Even if you’re connected via 3G or even EDGE, you will get way smoother web surfing experience than with Chrome or Safari. This feature of Opera is still here, and if you often visit places where cellular coverage is far from perfect, Opera can be your way out.


Android users are luckier: they can select between the good old Opera Mini and the fresher, smoother, and more advanced Opera Touch. Those on iOS have only Opera Touch, but it’s still a great option. This browser mostly makes sense for fans of the desktop Opera. Its compressing and adblocking abilities, though, can impress anyone.