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SHAREit is one of the most popular apps for transferring data between devices. It can connect mobile devices and desktops regardless of the platform, especially great for transferring large files. Formerly supported by Lenovo, now it’s run by SHAREit Technologies, an indie developer. You can download SHAREit for virtually any platform and share data to yourself or other users with it.

No Cables, No Clouds Required

SHAREit is utilizing built-in network functions of mobile devices that are way richer than most users consider. With it, you can send or receive various types of data and keep your transfers secure.

As you run the app, you can see the buttons at the top of the screen. The key ones are “Send” and “Receive”: the sender should tap the former, the receiver the latter. Then the sender should select the file (files) to send. These can be photos, documents, any files that one user may need to send to another.

The method of sending is defined by the app, considering the number of files to transfer, their size, and so on. Sometimes it makes sense to create an ad hoc Wi-Fi network; in addition, it will require no internet and provide better safety, allowing no other device in. If you only need to send one small file, though, using Bluetooth is enough. If you’re sending something bigger (say, a long video you made with your phone camera and now you’re giving it to your friend who can edit it), it will be much faster to use Wi-Fi as the method. Then one device becomes the server, another the client.

The app is simple by its idea, but it doesn’t look this way. Why? The reason is ads. The app is so stuffed with ads that they take more screen space than the functional elements – at least, on the home page. These ads may offer you some good games, but most of the things it advertises can hardly be of any use or pleasure. Its online videos may be really amusing, though, so you can watch through them just to see what people enjoy. And if you like some content it offers, you can share it in a more traditional way – via the Internet.

Launch. Connect. Share. Repeat.

Apple users have AirDrop; you might have enjoyed the way it makes easy transferring data between Apple devices. SHAREit, in fact, does the same regardless of the platfom, bringing the same functionality to Windows and Android. It may require some extra moves, but the result is the same: you receive the files you need from another device quickly and smoothly. Even if you use this method once a year, it’s still better to have SHAREit here when you need it.